Art House @ Soho House
John Baldesarri & Ed Ruscha by Mixografia

Art House @ Soho House was conceived by SZ | Advisory as a means of featuring local artists through temporary exhibitions in the atrium of the West Hollywood Soho House in Los Angeles. Complementary to the exhibition run, we held events including studio visits, artist receptions, and gallery tours.

Showcasing exemplary editions by local legends John Baldessari and Ed Ruscha, printer and publisher Mixografia partnered with SZ | Advisory to present two suites of masterful three-dimensional prints. The lithographs utilize a relief technique (debossing, embossing) to create dynamic prints. Baldessari’s Crowds with Shape of Reason Missing (2012) removes the dominant subject of an image and replaces it with a nondescript white form. The viewer then focuses on the reactionary rather than the primary. Ruscha’s Rusty Signs (2014) draw upon consistent motifs from the artist’s career: components of visual culture, the passage of time, and Americanisms. Made from a single piece of paper, these remarkably realistic works appear to have been rusted and weathered, reading as actual patinated metals.