Spontacts Mural Commission
By Jana Schröder

Jana Schröder’s practice is defined by the line - its scribbling, scrawling, sometimes chaotic, sometimes lyrical, always dynamic nature characterizes her painting practice.

Her distinctive material, carbon copypencil, alongside traditional oil paint, addresses the concept of originality vs. copy/reproduction, and in a larger sense even questions the legitimacy of contemporary painting as a whole. Copypencil, which is no longer in production, was a precursor to carbon paper and often employed by architects in their drafting process. Made up of graphite, carbon, and indigo-colored pigment, the copypencil is unique in that the carbon reacts with UV rays, causing the pigment to slowly fade over time. Eventually, when the process is finished, all that will remain is the silvery sheen of the graphite.

Her gestural abstraction often references the everyday acts of handwriting and scribbling. The copypencil layer is done quickly and without planning, while the lines in oil are painting slowly and with intention. Again, originality and spontaneity come into question in specific relation to contemporary abstract painting.